Photography, Printmaking, Painting & Sculpting

Portfolio 5, PAGE 9:

"Full Sails"

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the dynamic sailing over peaceful warm Antigua seas  in December 2011.  I took this picture and others with my new underwater Nikon Coolpix AW-100 digital camera.
Below are some of the other photos taken with the underwater camera in early December 2011.  I hope you enjoy them.

Ken Bell


"Antigua Artistry 1"

It's a beautiful coincidence that the fish's tail matches the yellow coral in Antigua in December 2011.

"Reflecting on Sailing"

You can just picture yourself in this sailboat on a vacation and imagining how Monet must have thrilled at the reflections in the water.

"Camouflage Fish" 

What are the chances that a fish in Antigua (December 2011) will find a coral surrounding that matches to the point of protecting itself from the bigger fish?  Judge for yourself.

"Antigua Artistry 2"

A curious striped fish in Antigua examines the light and shadows of the coral reef.  Upon its approval it begins to swin again.

"Antigua Artistry 3"

The flow of fish and the flow of the currents complement each other in this Antigua reef.

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