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Portfolio 4
PAGE 8: 

 Fountain Flow"

 (I expected
to show this photo
in the 54th Annual Kiwanis
Art Show, Montgomery, Ohio  However, the  flowing fountain was a predictor of a
rained out show
in September  
  "Ice Angles"

Ohio 2010. This was one of the photo prints I displayed at the DVAC Member's show, Dayton Ohio, 2010  

(The combination
of the snow and
the tree shadows created beautiful abstract designs.)

"Noon Bells"

Road,  Ohio. 
(I went to the area
a week before
the 54th Annual Kiwanis Art Show.   My luck was good  this day. I caught
the bells in mid-
ring at noon.)
  "There's Many Definitions  of
Ohio, summer

(Any flower
can radiate
on a calm day. 
These flowers
maintain their
beauty and
dignity even
after a wind
  "Leave Layers"
Ohio, 2004. 

(A scan of a relief
print captures a transparency
and form of 
"Light Draw Drama", Estonia, Russia 

(Shown at the Dayton Visual Art Center Members Show, Dayton, Ohio, August 2011.  Can you see another face?)
   "Competitive Sails" 
Caribbean ,2010.  (Shown at the Dayton Convention Center  Exhibition titled "Dysaster 2012 - 2013 Sold an edition at the Warren County Arts Festival, 2011)
" "Enterprising Sails"
Caribbean ,2010. 

(Also shown at Dayton Conventiion Center Exhibition 2012-2013. Artists sailing with artists.)
   "Key Perspectives"

Kizhi Island, Russia

(Shown at the Town and Country Fine Arts Center, Kettering, Ohio
August 2011. See the beauty of wood)
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