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Awards and Exhibits:

- In January 2016, I traveled to South America.  A few photos of Chile, Argentina, and Brazil and my previous trip through the Panama Canal in 2014 are shown on page 12.  The photo taken in Argentina was chosen as a Finalist in the Photographer's Forum 36th Annual Spring Protography contest.

- In July 2014, one of my photos (see page 11) was just chosen as a Finalist in the Photographer's Forum 34th Annual Spring Photography Contest. 

- In 2014, I also started exhibiting  several of my photos at the Stolle Center, Countryside YMCA in Lebanon, Ohio. 

- Some of my works have been in the Dayton Visual Arts Center (DVAC) Members Show starting in Dayton, Ohio.  

- I exhibited Juried photographs at the Dayton Convention Center, Dayton, Ohio in 2013.  This work is titled "Sunny Sails" and shows the strength of the Haitian people after the massive Earthquake in 2010. See Portfolio 4 for  several photos in the exhibition.

I have received Two Peoples Choice Awards at the juried Festival of Arts held in Lebanon, Ohio on June 28, 2008 and June 9, 2012. The Festival was discontinued in 2013.  I exhibited my underwater photo titled "Camouflage Fish" at the Dayton Visual Arts Center from July 13- 18 August 2012.

An Example of my Photography:
I continue to  focus on photography. 
In 2005, a color “landscape” photograph titled  "Birchland" was exhibited in the Rosewood Arts Center, Kettering, Ohio and displayed my love of capturing natural scenes from interesting angles.  People have seen birds, earth contours and many other ideas from this abstract photograph.  Actually it is a close up shot of a Birch tree outside the Chicago Art Museum taken in 2005.  It has captured the imagination of many and is therefore one of the most popular photographs I have taken.  The interesting and distinct edges of the birch bark, their curvature and contrast to darker shadow and lighter exposed bark make it a complex yet wonderful composition.  

  "Birchland” Photograph by Ken Bell

Other examples of my work are shown in Portfolios 1-4 and pages 9-12. Click on the upper left menus to see these examples, information about me, as well as my services including ways to order my work.

 In September 2017, I took an amazing photo of sunflowers in Ohio.  It will brighten my day if the weather gets dreary.

My Theme:
The overall theme for the art is "BEAUTY IS UNIVERSAL".  You can see similar photographs taken in different places throughout the World.  I hope you enjoy them.   Thanks.

Ken Bell
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